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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What items or materials are prohibited and not accepted in our dumpsters?
Used Motor Oil & Filters
Lead-acid Batteries
Rechargeable Batteries (Nickel Cadmium, etc.)
Mercury Devices (Thermostats, Thermometers, And Similar Mercury Containing Products)
Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Hazardous Wastes (Corrosives, Ignitable, Reactive Are EPA Listed Wastes and Bio-Medical Wastes)
Unknown Liquid Waste
Paint/Tires/Appliances/propane tanks

Dirt, Mud, concrete, bricks and rock please call us before placing inside dumpster.
Q.What items or materials are generally accepted in our dumpsters
Land Clearing Debris
Construction and Demolition Debris
Yard Waste
Construction Debris
Non-treated Wood Pallets
Unpainted and Untreated Wood Scraps from Manufacturing
Waste Concrete Board
Air Filters
Automobile Parts (e.g. frames, lenders solvent free windshields, non-electrical components, doors, etc.)
Dismantled Industrial Equipment (without hazardous constituents)
Non-hazardous Sand Blasting Grit
Water Filters
Scrap Metal from Manufactured Home
Q.Will I need a permit to use my dumpster?
A.A dumpster permit may be required based on your city and the location of your bin, so if you intend to place it on the street or obstruct the sidewalk, it's advisable to consult city officials for permit details prior to delivery; additionally, for dumpsters situated on private property such as driveways or job sites, permits may be necessary, albeit less frequently.
Q.How much will Dumpster Depot roll-offs hold?
A 10-yard roll-off dumpster accommodates up to ten cubic yards of material, equivalent to filling three pickup truck beds with debris or approximately 50-70 trash bags.
A 15-yard dumpster holds up to fifteen cubic yards, akin to about four-and-a-half pickup truck loads or roughly 80-100 trash bags.
A 20-yard roll-off dumpster, it can contain twenty cubic yards, akin to loading the bed of six pickup trucks with debris or around 110-130 trash bags.
A 30-yard roll-off dumpster can accommodate thirty cubic yards, equivalent to filling the bed of nine pickup trucks with debris or approximately 170-190 trash bags.
Q.How can I reduce weight as a result of rain?
It’s always a good idea to cover your dumpster with a tarp if it is going to rain, especially if you are loading it with items that retain water such as carpet, a mattress, or other absorbent items.
Q.What is a "roll-off" dumpster?
A roll-off dumpster is an open-top, rectangular container with no lid, featuring a swinging door and wheels located at one end; upon delivery, a truck utilizes these wheels to roll the dumpster into the designated location, making it a convenient and movable waste disposal solution.
Q.What time will my dumpster be delivered?
Our deliveries occur from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, though specific times may vary depending on the current schedule and availability; for further inquiries about your delivery, please reach out to our customer service representative who arranged your order. Additionally, weekend deliveries on Saturday and Sunday are available for an additional surcharge.
Q.What are the fees and charges related to dumpster rentals?
As a current Industry standard, Additional charges and pricing may differ depending on the location and can include sales tax per state, excess weight, additional days, prohibited materials, overloaded containers, and dumpster damage/cleaning. To prevent incurring additional fees, we advise clear communication on your part regarding factors such as time, material type, quantity, etc.
Q.Responsibility for damage to our dumpsters
Customers are responsible for any damage incurred to rented dumpsters during the rental period. Types of damage may include but are not limited to dents, scratches, structural impairment, and any other harm affecting the functionality or appearance of the dumpster. Please exercise care and diligence to avoid potential damages and report any issues promptly to our customer service team. Additional charges may apply for repairs or replacement due to damages beyond normal wear and tear.

Want to limit your liability, we offer you the option to purchase our Damage Waiver Protection for $12.99 to limit your liability in the event of accidental damage to our dumpsters eliminating the stress and worry of potential additional damage fees being added to your rental.
Q.How many times will you dump and return the dumpster for the same price.
A.Our rental includes ONE trip to the dump. If you need more empty dumpsters, you will be charged additionally the same price as you were for the initial dumpster.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to call us any time at: (863)330-0133

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