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15 Yard Dumpster Inventory
15 Yard Dumpster Inventory


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Size: 15'LX45"HX7.5'W

Days: 1 Day Rental

Rent Time Extension: $20/day

Ton(s): 3000lbs

Extra Weight: $60/ton


For those tackling larger projects or dealing with substantial items or maybe lacking a driveway, consider renting one of our 15-yard Dumpsters. These dumpsters can be conveniently parked on the street (check with city for any permit requirements) making them an excellent choice for larger projects. Perfect for extensive demolition work or handling bulkier items, our contractor customers particularly appreciate these dumpsters for demo and tear-out jobs, as well as small to medium roofing projects accommodating up to 40 square feet of shingles. 

Our 15-yard dumpsters have the capacity to accommodate around 60 to 75 standard-sized trash bags or the equivalent of approximately 4.5 loads from a standard pickup truck filled with waste and are spacious enough to handle your debris.

Staying true to our driveway-friendly mission, our dumpsters are driveway friendly as we utilize a unique patented driveway protection system causing no more wear and tear to your driveway than your personal vehicle. With no metal contact to your driveway, you can rest assured there will be no scratches or damage.

Each rental includes 3000lbs of capacity, with a maximum limit of 5 tons.

Due to high demand, book now online or call to reserve your preferred dates.

For those in need of same-day delivery, please give us a call to confirm availability on our route.

*Some locations require a fuel surcharge to be added to the dumpster price. This will be calculated during the order confirmation.

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